Who is Mann Rhabbuk?

He is the One that I call out to, He is The Ultimate One…

He is the One who inspires me, The One who ignites new hope in me, He is mine and I am His…

He hears my secret thoughts, my weakened and broken thoughts and He never holds me to account for them… How could I worship any other but He….

He catches my tears and eases my fears with His words, with the words of Quran, who else could there be for me but Him…..

He is my comfort and my secret keeper. He is my consoler and my concealer….

He is the One that I belong to, the One that I submit to, the One that I call out to…. Who is He? He is Allah….

My poetry brings no Greatness to Him, for He is Greater than any being. He needs just say Be! And then … Lo, It is…. Allahuakbar

He is the controller of the pen, the controller of my movements, He is the controller of my destiny, who else could I love more than Him….

My next breath belongs to Him. My next second is for His remembrance only. My life and my death and my every moment in between are just for Him….

If I am lost down below in the trenches of darkness & despair I call out to Him, with no immediate answer still I call out to Him for I know that He is there. Of course He is there!

Or did you think that this world came to be by coincidence?

And did you think that you were here without a greater existence?

I am weak, I am neglectful and driven by desires, driven by pain, driven by hope, where else is there left for me to go to…. He is my beginning and He is my ultimate ending….

He is my Lord, He is my friend, He is my everything…..

He is Mann Rhabbuk…. He is mines…. He is yours… He is ours…. ~H~