A flame flickered. Dimly it flickered at first. Like a splint, a spark of two stones rubbing together. Then again it flickered, the friction caused more flint’s and more and more sparks to fly until eventually there was a raging blaze devouring everything. Flames were blowing in all directions from north to south, to over and even under everything. But the land was still,the night was dark and the earth was quiet. A frog croaked as it splashed into a pond and a cricket whistled, unseen, into the cool spring night… Seemingly everyone was asleep yet these flames, they burned silently and violently. They burned in hearts and in homes where no one could see …

Enough to destroy a village. Enough to destroy a lifetimes’ worth in efforts and in good, the burning heart, although unseen, can have devastating and lasting effects for those who don’t take heed ….

And what does this heart burn with?

#jealousy ❤

And who are these wretched one’s with hearts as dry and as heavy as stone, putting on a facade whilst holding,housing and dousing flames as high as the highest mountain tops!?

But that is not the point…
To know who they are …

Is it for you to know, to see?

Or is it for you to reflect over your own heart, your own deeds …. SubhanAllah

Get lost in wonder and reflection as you ask yourself … Am I this person….

May Allah save us all … Aameen ❤