What draws you to a person? What about their inner flame hypnotizes you until you succumb? Is it merely their mind that allures you? Is it their face, their body and their outer layers that attracts you? Is it their soul that captures, raptures and mystifies you as it draws you into its aura? Is it even more than this? What is attractive to YOU? An intriguing mind, an attractive face or a righteous soul? Perhaps some are content to gaze at a beautiful face while remembering the One who created such beauty. Perhaps some are inspired to delve into the annals of like minds, to allow themselves to drown without suffocating, in the provoking waves and thoughts of anothers’ mind. Perhaps it is merely when two souls meet and then recognize while remembering each other, having met somewhere before, somewhere above. And as they pass each other by, their souls nod in acknowledgment, in greeting and that’s when we become drawn in like moths to a flame….


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