It’s like …. It’s like … It’s like sitting on a bus that goes speeding through different streets, different towns, different paths and different places….

It’s like flashing headlights, flashing images before your eyes… but before you realize who you saw or where you passed through, the moment has gone…

I think that I saw you in my dreams last night…. When I woke up I tried to travel back in my mind, to revive your image, to resuscitate your body… but there was nothing there, just a deserted landscape and the subtle fragrance of a wafting dream with no one standing there….

So I shut my eyes again really tight and I tried to remember if I really dreamed of you last night but I couldn’t remember a thing! Just flashing images of a bus traveling from stop to stop, from place to place, from face to face and from dream to dream ….

Perhaps I’ll meet you tonight …. On a bus as I travel from dream to dream …. ~ H


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