​We think …
We think that we’re not lonely, but we are. With all these companions and friends, family, kids, husbands, whoever, whatever gadget is in our hands, we’re lonelier than we’ve ever been and we’ll always be this way, lonely …
Its simple. You are a soul, more than you are a person and a body. You were created from Allah’s noor, how can a person, no matter how close, or a thing, no matter how sophisticated, make you feel whole? Its like two pieces of a puzzle that do not fit together. 
So yes I’m lonely. I accept that I am, I love feeling lonely. Especially when the world runs its fingers through my hair, disheveling my composure, reeking havoc with my mind, pulling me away from where I want to be, in solitude, in worship, body, mind and spirit. Its that loneliness that directs me like a compass pointing north, it directs me to Him. 
Are you lonely?