It’s… complicated!

My situations is …. Well, its complicated” she said to me. I didn’t feel compelled to ask her what complicated meant, after all, I wouldn’t want to pry. I could sense the energy between us tense up, I could sense her disharmony, So I sat on the other end of the screen wondering what does complicated mean for her and as I sat there, I was suddenly grateful at just how ‘uncomplicated’ my life was. My life was perhaps uneventful, boring even to some yet to me, it was just the perfect shade of color, the perfect temperature of water…. 

Yet, as we look up at those glass houses located high above for all to see,to view and to salivate at, we may find that perhaps we sometimes yearn for what seems to be the perfect existence yet we fail to realize, to understand or to even imagine just how complicated some lives are.

Each of us faces tests and trials, no doubt, but do you see that each test and each trial was tailor made just to suit you? Yet still we sometimes fall into the foolish web of longing as we yearn for what “she” has or what “he” has accomplished. But would we still wish for that if we were able to enter their hearts and minds or if we knew the depths that this person has traversed or what conditions they live through? Are we able to trudge through their solitary moments or their thoughts as worries and trouble wage a silent war?  

Open your eyes…. Smile as you realize that “Life is actually just perfect for you”….

If you could change any test or trial for another test and trial, a milder test or trial, which test would you choose? Knowing that life has to be lived through the obstacle course of a little (sometimes it feels like a lot of) difficulty, which would you swop and what would you swop it for? I’ve asked this question of myself so many times. I’ve even asked it to some others and we’ve all unanimously come to the same answer, ‘I wouldn’t swop, change or choose for I don’t know if I could handle anything other than what I’ve already been dealt, and that is what Allah has chosen for me”. SubhanAllah…..

It is only Allah who knows you. He knows you better than even you know yourself. He knows what is best for you and what is not good for you. He is closer to you than your jugular vein (Quran). And although some are forgetful of His remembrance, He is still closer to them than the breath encased in their chest or their beating and pulsing flesh. He chooses tests and trials that best suits you. He equips you with the ability and the know how of how to deal with these tests, trials and difficulties. And these tests, these trials, they come with a greater purpose, to mold you, to heal you, to cleanse and to benefit you, If you (we) only but knew…..

It is only upon reflection that we are able to see and to then realize that all that we have is all that we would ever need. Who we are is exactly who we’re meant to be. Your journey is your’s and your’s alone. The winds of change will continue to flow with the breeze, morphing you into who you were meant to become, for Allah…. 

So as you gaze at the glass houses high up in the glittering distance, know that even glass houses are fallible and that they’re meant to shatter. If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think that we’d be happy with any more? Shimmering lights will one day dim and all that is left will be your soul, as you face the truest impending reality, that of death and that of facing Allah. 

I love to meet new people, to engage in different conversations so that I enter the portal of realizations as I come to see that life is just as it was meant to be for me, for you, for them and for us. I could never have the courage that you have in the face of a storm. Perhaps you look at your friend or your neighbor as you  wonder the same. Maybe your sister seems to have less frequent and milder forms of storms than you do. Yet you never would know, would you.  You know nothing of her life and all that you see is what is offered at face value. And how could you see more than this? You were busy living your own life, fighting your own demons and waging through your own trials and tests while she silently did the same….  

Today I will be more grateful for yesterday. I will become more hopeful for tomorrow. I will accept my conditions as I place all trust and hope in Allah who decrees every matter, who see’s to everything. Perhaps life could be worst, of this I’ll remind myself as I use the bricks of hope to build the life that I wish for, the life that I envision, Alhamdulilla…..

As I promise myself these things, I smile as I realize just how very uncomplicated my situation is…. SubhanAllah….


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