Words from a wounded soul❤

The most beautiful words that have ever been conceived in my mind or that have escaped the spaces of my lips were the words that I uttered and that I utter to my Lord Allah in solitude. And yet as much as I would like to, I could never retrace those words for you, to stencil them word for word and pen them to paper for it was a moment of bliss, of euphoria spent and uttered in solitude with my maker…..


And yet how beautiful were those words and how soothing was His response, His caress and His care. I heard nothing but I felt everything. He said not a word to me yet He spoke volumes. I uttered thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams all through tears and through glistening eyes with sobs laced between smiles. Oh but what a wonderful moment it was!


And as much as I would like to hold your hand and take you there with me, back to those words, to those thought’s and to those tears, I could never do that for we each are blessed with these secret moments, priceless moments, heavenly moments from Allah. Moments of deep reflection and conversation where no words are uttered but the ebb and flow of emotions, thoughts, fears and love are emitted from a wounded soul and sent to Him, wounds which receive nothing less than sheer bliss in return. …..

When my tears fall and splatter in the darkness of the darkest part of the night and I sit there sobbing rivers and yet I am not sad, I am not scared, I am simply grateful, I am only in love, in awe and I am humbled to be able to speak, to think and to feel. The blood rushes to my cheeks and new tears, new rivers flow from my eye sockets as I wonder how is it that my Lord can love me this much! Alhamdulillah….


I know that you feel it too, that you’ve felt it too… I know that you too have knocked at His door with a weight on your back crippling you to your knees! And what a moment of beauty, of peace, of love!


The beloved of Allah, SAW, would weep until his beard was drenched in tears. He would weep simply because he was a grateful servant.

We weep for things… We weep for what has happened… We weep for what we fear will happen…. And no matter what it is that we weep about, He gently opens our heart and let’s escape the most eloquent of words, the sweetest sentiments, couplets and thoughts… SubhanAllah….


If one day my tongue were to stiffen and my eyes were to black out, I would be grateful just to be able to speak with Allah through mind and through heart, just as I am honored to do now❤ …



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