Everything and Nothing …🍃

I think that we take it for granted how some people live their lives behind a fence of sadness….

Barbed in by debilitating emotions and crippling waves of sadness….

They’re cut deeper than we could ever see as they bleed invisibly….

And yet each morning they skillfully plaster smile after smile on their saddened faces, erasing the pathway of dried up tears that lead down from their eyes in a trail to their heart. Wiping away any evidence for anyone to see, to see what lives (lies) they truly live….

And we’re (all) so consumed! Consumed with ourselves, so consumed with everything and with nothing that we fall for their lies without hearing their bleeding cry’s…

But sometimes…

Just sometimes… I swear that I can hear an echo of a whisper, a cry, a plea, as a voice weeps and sweeps up emotion in my soul suddenly…

And so I strain my hearing and turn around to look at where this voice, this cry could be emanating from …

Alas! My heart stood still for many moments for she sat their smiling, laughing at everything and at nothing and she laughed the loudest! And she smiled the brightest!

And never would you see that her heart was the emptiest! A hollow pit housing unnecessary pain and drowning in forgotten memories….

And she failed to see me observing her…

And she failed to plaster her face that day …

And a crack manifested itself before my eyes as the crevice deepened in her skin revealing to me everything and nothing…

And I cried at the pain that she felt and at the pictures that she painted ….

And sometimes I wish that I was blind so that I wouldn’t see the pain that she keeps in her closet …

And sometimes I wish that I was deaf so that I didn’t here her sobbing cry’s ….

And sometimes I wish that …

And sometimes I wish that the mirror would fall and crack so that when I look at it ….

I don’t see her face staring back at me ….






2 thoughts on “Everything and Nothing …🍃

  1. Farnaaz Haffejee says:

    The hollows within our souls are always lacking in love; the fear of failure & the pain of a lost love. …… This sums up most if not all our lives😦 a creative piece of the story of our lives. Jazakallah khair Hajoo for putting my feelings and thoughts into words….u are my hero😉


  2. MissMuslimah9 says:

    Your writing is a work of art 👌
    Keep it up 🌹

    Check out this blog: troubledillusions.wordpress.com

    Miss Muslimah ( islamicmusings.wordpress )


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