Behind her crafted mask… Episode 1

The sight of the high steel doors looming in front of me takes my breath away. A shiver courses through me suddenly and rapidly. My blood freezes and boils in a single moment as it convulses in fits of hot and cold….



Atop a tiny table outside the steel doors sits two empty wooden boxes which beckon to me as I read the signs above them to remove my phone, my keys and my jewelry. Another box alongside the first wooden box awaits my clothes and my shoes. Slowly, with trepidation, I strip myself bare, one item at a time; my earings, my blouse, my patent leather heels. I wonder, in which box do I place my mask? The boxes fill up as I become less and lesser of me one item at a time, one thought at a time…



As I near the looming door with its red flashing light above, I feel forlorn… Forlorn for whatever lies behind me, for my clothes, for my jewelry, for my life… Forlorn for ME!



Sprays of mist intermittently release spritz of vapor at the entrance of the door alluring me to step closer, enticing me to enter while sending shivers of fear through my spine.



And then I wonder…

After taking those first steps passed the steel doors; will I be able to leave thereafter, will I still be the old me, will I even remember anything again?



But my feet still shuffle forward, robotically toward the mist infused doors. The flashing red light swirls around and around until I stop, I halt!




Wait!!! Can I still turn back?


I take a breath in and a giant step backward but her arm at the base of my spine redirects me to the giant looming doors…


This is a choice that I made, a choice to undergo a hypnosis, a choice to forget who I am, to forget what I am, to forget everything that I remember. A choice that I made to erase who I am and who I was….


Sprays of mist kiss my face and then I know; there’s no turning back now…


The nurse grabs my arm unsheathing her array of needles about to penetrate my throbbing veins. The viles of a sweet poison sing my name… or are they lethal bullets instead? I wonder….


I guess we should be careful what we wish for … Who knows, we might just get it….



To be continued…



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