Does it really matter and should it even matter at all!!!

If you knew what I thought of you, would it matter much to you and would you want to know my thoughts?



If you knew in what regard I hold my opinion of you, would you care to know exactly what I thought?



Would you alter yourself to fit into the shoes of the persona of what someone perceives you to be if you knew just what they thought of you?



Would it break your heart to learn and to (try to) understand what or why someone see’s you to be something or someone other than who you (in fact) are?



What if someone’s opinion of you is high, much too high! Would you feel flattered, honored, grateful or would you feel sad at knowing that you are nothing like what you are perceived to be? Would you thereafter try you change, to morph and to twist into that mould of what others see you to be?




And what if someone has a dislike for you, a warped impression of you for no good reason? What if they question or challenge your motives, your actions even your intentions, how would you feel and how would you react? Would you speak up for yourself, would you defend your plight and your cause or would you say nothing at all?




All through life we will travel through different pathways. Some will be effortless, beautiful and easy. Some will be treacherous and difficult. Along the way we will meet different people, different kinds of people. Some will come as blessings to you, to help you, to uplift you, while some will come as difficulties to test you, to change you and to teach you.




How much does a persons opinion of you matter to you? Should it even matter and whose opinion of you gains precedence over others?



If we could know just exactly what a person thinks of us or if they could know what we think of them, would we have any friends at all?




Although we are at most times surrounded by hordes of people, no one could ever know exactly who we are could they? They would never know what we think or what we’re even about! So in fact, our lives are spent in secret or in solitude. Perhaps we all just pretend really well, perhaps we’re all just a master of disguise at times, trying so very hard to fit into the norm, trying to fit into society, trying to conform or trying to impress the rest. Is this why we dress the same or follow what someone claims to be a trend? Is this why we try to act the same? Is this why when sitting in a circle of discussion we unanimously agree with the majority of thoughts and opinions? Or are we unique and individual people? Do we choose to not conform? Do we choose to remain true to ourselves and to our beliefs?



And He is Allah (to be worshiped Alone) in the heavens and on the earth, He knows what you conceal and what you reveal” ( Surah Al Anam)



So while the world conform’s, twists and changes with the tides, while the world alters their character and their minds in an attempt to “fit in”, remind yourself daily that only Allah knows you. It is Allah who guides your footsteps, it is Allah who ignites a thought, it is Allah who is always aware of what you do, what you say and of what your intentions are. It is Allah who protects your sins, your secrets and your thoughts. It is sufficient for you to draw contentment from knowing this and it is sufficient for you to allow the knowledge of this to change who you are, to be better than who you were, even if it means being different from everyone else around you.



“Know that if all the people get together in order to benefit you with something, they will not be able to benefit you in anything except what Allâh has decreed for you. And if they all get together in order to harm you with something, they will not be able to harm you in anything except what Allâh has decreed for you. The pens have stopped writings. And (Book of Decrees) has dried. (Hadith)



“Do they not realize that God knows their secrets and their private discussions? That God knows all that is hidden?” (Surah At Taubah)




How much does it matter to you now what a person thinks of you? How much does it matter that Allah knows everything about you!?






Should it not only matter what Allah thinks of you? Who created you and to whom shall you return? And if Allah created man with the ability to falter, if Allah stated that He has Created man imperfect, then of what value is the simple man’s opinion of you? Perhaps he could see something in you which is not there, good or bad, perhaps Allah has shielded from his eyes all your faults. Maybe someone sees you to be the opposite of what and who you are, perhaps they just don’t get you, they don’t understand you, yet it is not for them to! You belong to Allah, He is your Judge, He is your Owner and He is your King…. Alhamdulillah…..




So let me ask you again….




Does it matter what a person thinks of you?




To who does it matter?




How much does it matter and should it even matter at all?



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