Prince Charming ❤ Part Eight🌹…

” Yusuf from my eyes”



Dear Diary,



I swallow my saliva with difficulty today. It seems an ordinary day but I am about to meet someone extraordinary! My bones creak with excitement and suddenly my tummy holds captive about a dozen butterflies all of whom are going dizzy within my belly! Suddenly my mouth is dry, my tongue sticks to my palette and I find it difficult to even swallow, even with difficulty! I am a ball of different emotions! I am excited, I am hopeful, I am nervous, I am apprehensive, I am many things that I cannot even find the words for! Someone would think that I was about to meet the President! But I was going to meet someone even better…. 🙂



Today I would meet him…. I would meet (handsome) Yusuf and never before have I worried so much about making a good impression! As written in the story of Prince Charming, “if he likes you, he just likes you and if he doesn’t then there isn’t a thing that you could do”!



So I worried; what if he doesn’t like me???



I wore my prettiest scarf( I seriously wanted to make a good impression!), I picked up the gift bag on my dresser table and I left home to meet him. All the while having everyone at home know that I was on a special mission! Excited for me (and like me), anticipating what would my meeting entail! Like Zeenat attempted her steps with a quiver, on this day so did I…



I entered the warm and cozy home and his mum led me to him straight away. I saw the back of his head first as I took teeny steps, slowly, all the while wondering, ‘what is this moment going to be like?‘, thinking and knowing that I would remember it for all my life.




He was seated at the eating table enjoying a delicious plate of Sunday lunch. He looked up to meet my eyes, to greet me and I think that I must have stopped breathing for a second. He was like nothing I had imagined he would be, as written above; he was better than any expectation I could ever have! SubhanAllah….



What stood out most from my meeting with him were three things:


1. His attire was extremely suave with unique embellishments that all screamed Y U S U F. This young man loves to look cool and hip! I would have never imagined that a person with Down’s Syndrome had such a desire for fashion and to look good 🙂 I guess I was ignorant, not thinking that Yusuf could have his own desires….. Masha Allah….


2. His polite nature! I marveled at it. Never before has any teen paid so much consideration to please and thank you in one sentence and in front of me! I was charmed by prince charming instantly. He spoke to me while looking deep into my eyes and he held my gaze confidently! I have had very few instances where this has happened. Not many people are honest enough to do that, to allow you to travel down the spiral of their soul, to reveal what’s lurking deep within there and to reveal how you (really) make them feel….



And finally…



3. His eye’s… Oh his eye’s…. Just as his mother explains them…. They smile wider than his lips as they draw you into his aura and make you lose yourself in wonder as you wonder different things about him especially, what is he thinking!



And since that day, I find myself lost in wonder about him at different points & junctures in my day. While driving, I wonder what’s he doing! While I write this blog I wonder where he is and if he remembers meeting me.



There is so much that I could share with you about Yusuf but I guess that it was my special date with him and you would have to have been there to experience it for yourself…..Besides, I’m sure that you’ve already fallen head over heels, just like I have. 🙂




He is a young and vibrant teen with hopes, aspirations and desires just like any other teen. The only thing that’s different to me is that his mind is a playground I could willingly get lost in when he mentions his thought stream to me. He is a unique individual who has a palette for the most unexpected foods! When asked what his favorite food was, I thought he would say Pizza or hot dogs but he smiled broadly with a gleam in his eyes only too happy to share with me what his favorite meal was and guess what he said? Something totally outrageous, prince charming has thing for patta (patteria) rolls! He eats it in different ways and since that day, I too have a craving for it !




He likes to write, like me, and he even writes songs and stories! Since our meeting he has made a video story for me and I am totally blown away by it because in it he sings about me, about meeting me and about how he thinks I’m pretty *blushes! Wow! What a compliment coming from one of the few honest souls that tread upon the earth. He has plans of turning me into a super hero with his magic potions so that he and I could set off and fly… Oh and how amazing it would be to fly, to fly and to enter his amazing mind…..




When asked about his friends, he says that he has none with a bright smile and no indication of any sadness. I wish he knew just how many friends he has all of whom are reading this right now… 🙂




An important mention about this story is that although it was non-fiction, it had been altered a lot for a few reasons. Namely, to protect the identities of the real characters and to make you, the reader think and feel as well question your own self as you went along. To ask yourself, am I judgmental? Can I relate to the having the quest of worldly perfection? To ask yourself what would I do in her shoes? It was written all to create awareness for those who are so perfectly different from others, those with downs syndrome and their families and even those without Down’s Syndrome, anyone who seems different, attempting to offer them hope, help and courage. Attempting to reach out to the lady who spends her nights crying as she wonders “Why ME!!” Well, why not you? Have you forgotten how amazing you are? Have you forgotten that Allah never burdens a soul more than it can bear? If you have then let me tell you that YOU ARE AMAZING and nothing that comes to you comes as a punishment yet everything comes only as a blessing… Even tests 🙂 Alhamdulillah



I never knew that I could write a story like this and I did it all for another amazing woman, I did it for his mother. When she asked me to, I went with the flow not expecting anything to flow at all! What do I know about her pain and her journey and yet we’ve become friends, sisters even…. I guess that she probably doesn’t know it, nor will she ever believe it, but I am one of (I’m sure) many others who think that she is one of the most incredible souls that Allah had sent to this earth, no wonder He selected her for Yusuf, they’re both amazing, Alhamdulillah.




When I look at Yusuf looking at her or when she looks at him, I can see that this type of love is reserved for special souls like the two of them and sometimes, just sometimes, someone like me gets lucky enough to be pulled into their picture, their story, even if just for a short time…





May her life be one of ease, happiness and goodness and may her family bring her delight with each new dawn that rolls out of the twilight skies… Aameen.




Thank you for allowing me into your hearts,your home and your story…. Perhaps I could imprint my feet on stepping stones and set it alongside yours….
Yours is a beautiful story and one that I don’t want to depart from …❤



10 thoughts on “Prince Charming ❤ Part Eight🌹…

  1. Zaheera seedat says:

    Wow! What an amazing story. Hard to read at points as it is too close too home. I too have a little angel, Mariam with downs syndrome. You have captured the emotions of many moments so perfectly. Thanks for creating such an awareness. Keep up the excellent work 💞


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