And who could reward you better than He ❤

The Messenger of Allah (peace and
blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“Every deed of the son of Adam will be rewarded between ten and seven hundred fold. Allah said: ‘Except fasting, for it is for Me and I shall reward for it’” – i.e., I shall reward it greatly, without specifying how much ! ! !







While all acts of submission ( in or out of ramadaan) are meritorious without a doubt, the reward of different actions has been outlined by Allah and relayed to us through hadith, for example – in the month of ramadaan the nafl salaah reaps the same reward as a fardh salaah out of ramadaan and a fardh salaah reaps the reward of 70 faraa’idh salaah out of ramadaan, and 1 sajdah bears the same weight as 1500 hasaanat (good deeds),SubhanAllah!!!








How generous is our Allah?!
( Could one even begin attempting to answer this?!)







But the reward for keeping a single fast has not been mentioned….
















Because the act of fasting is so dear and so sweet to our Allah, as it is only between you and your Allah alone! No one besides Allah knows how true or how sincere is the fast that you are keeping hence its reward sits only with Him, known not even to His Angels, it is just between you and your Lord….








Allah singled out fasting for Himself from all other good deeds, because of its honored status before Him, because He loves it and because it is a demonstration of sincerity towards Him, as it is a secret between a person and his Lord, which no one can see except Allah.








How Ajeeb! How wondrous! How exciting!








If Allah is so merciful and generous to us in so many ways, let us for a moment attempt to or try to imagine what reward would await us; those fasting….








My tongue is dry and sticks to the roof of my mouth as I begin to think. A dry tongue motions movement over cracked lips. I attempt to swallow my saliva as my train of thought runs away, alas my throat is like the arid land and sands of the Arabian desert. I surrender! I give up! As much as I try, as hard as I try to imagine what reward could await me, my mind gets lost somewhere within a desert or galaxy somewhere… Somewhere other worldly, somewhere ethereal, somewhere that my limited mind could never traverse to. It gets lost as I could never begin to imagine nor would I ever be able to fathom such a thing; the reward for a fasting person.
It is comparable to trying to imagine what is Jannah like!







All acts of worship can be seen when done, and they may be contaminated with some element of showing off for they may be observed by others while doing them, like salaah, charity or even quran tilaawat… But fasting is a hidden treasure, a secret action of submission… 🙂








I smile as my pang of hunger swirls around my empty belly reminding me that I am in submission to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of all mankind, my Lord and your Lord, Allah SWT… No one knows how perfect or imperfect my fast is today, no one knows if I’m even fasting, but He does, He knows, and He knows everything…. Alhamdulillah 😊








“Only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning”

[al-Zumar 39:10]



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