Isn’t the thought wondrous indeed ❤…

How does a tree know to grow up toward the sun and not to the side or down below?




How does a baby know how to suckle and when to cry?




How does a cat know to eat a mouse and not a scorpion?




Who makes the sky cry and who allows the lamp in the heavens to illuminate the dark nights?




Who shows a mother how to love and care for her children?


And how to do you know,when you’ve hit brick walls, that all you have left to do is to call out to someone you’ve never seen before?




How is an air plane able to fly and how is a ship able to float?






 Who stops the wave of salty water at the shore and have you wondered why does it not flow on and swallow all the land?







Who determines how many hours of light there should be?




How is the sun able to rise and set and where do the stars get their twinkle from?




Are these not wondrous thoughts?




And if you were not of understanding would you be able to see, then to realize and finally, be able to accept that Allah is in control of all of this and of everything….




Did you think that your conception and existence was purely science or has your heart been inspired with the breath of wisdom by the one who breathes life into every being, into every thing….




Allah is in control of everything…


He controls destiny by the motion of His pen…..




He controls the heavens and the earth and he watches over His Creation in a most supreme way…..




His gaze of mercy settles on you with each and every day without you even knowing it and know that should you ask, then Allah will grant it for you…..




Have people of understanding any understanding at all? Or do they think that perhaps man sometimes controls things?






Do your decisions matter? and if they do perhaps they only matter to you …




Do you make the rules and if we’re so busy making rules then when will we find the time to follow Allah’s rules?




Does man acknowledge that he will die only by motion of his tongue while void of emotion in his heart?




If man is such a genius and so intelligent, if he has accomplished what once was impossible, unthinkable, incomprehensible, then can any man tell me; how many fish are there in the ocean? If he cannot then how can he tell me anything!


If man knew anything worthwhile it would be that he knows not much at all….





Do you sometimes gaze at the stars and wonder how old they are and what have they seen?




Do you wonder what is the purpose of the mountains on this earth and if mountains are so mighty why did they shake upon the words of the quraan resting on their shoulders?





And if something without a heart can shake and feel at the meaning and might of these words then how can human beings with intelligence feel nothing at all?




And if the sun were to set tonight and never rise again, what would you think?





How would feel?




Would all your desires instantly dissipate and then would you (forever) be changed?



Would you then see and get a different understanding? And would you want to open your mouth and call out Allah’s name?





But what if you couldn’t ?




What would you do if your mouth was gagged and your heart was blindfolded?



And finally….






Can we still call an educated man who lives for the (temporary)dhunya, who works for the (temporary)dhunya, who sleeps and wakes for the (temporary) dhunya educated or is he simply an uneducated man having no understanding of anything worthwhile, fooling and mindlessly enticing those who pass him by ….



May Allah guide us all….







5 thoughts on “Isn’t the thought wondrous indeed ❤…

  1. The Indian Revert Muslimah says:

    🙂 it indeed is wondrous. I wish everyone could see the signs. They are so apparent, yet people quote merely science behind it all. What they don’t see is who let this science be in existence. Before man could frame these formulae, who applied them practically for this dunya to function with perfection. Will mankind ever be able to create a soul?

    Sigh. I feel sorry for people living for this dunya. I only wish that their seals could open 😦 may each of us be steadfast. Ameen

    Beautifully put habibty.

    Liked by 1 person

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