Facing shut doors ~

Have you ever wondered why do some things that we desire simply never reach us? No matter how much we want it, no matter how hard we pray for it, it just simply passes us by. Like a floating cloud, we watch it make its way to somewhere else, to someone else….





But why does this happen? And some may even wonder why does it only happen to me! We pull and tug with all our might to open the door that we think could change our world, change our view and change our life! With the mightiest force we can muster up, we try hard to open the closed doors. We exert our energy and focus on all the shut doors with might and maybe even with rage as we try so hard to get them opened! We want what we want! When we want it! How we want it! And we know what we want! Right? Yet still, the door remains shut… Some doors just do not open….




A cry of frustration escapes tensed, pursed lips as hot air exits flaring nostrils and fists pound the shut doors until battered knuckles cry with blood….



But what if instead of pounding against the door and instead of pulling at the handle, we tap the door with a gentle knock and then we turn the door knob instead of pull it…..




Perhaps the approach that we use is wrong and it inhibits us from reaching that desire and that dream. Maybe we push too hard and pull too much! Maybe we need not do any of that at all. Maybe all that is needed is a soft and gentle knock; a calling unto Allah, and a turn of the handle; a turn of heart. A turn that takes your mind on a journey that reaches and realizes only Him, Allah. That only He is able to do for you, to give to you, to answer you and to open that door for you, SubhanAllah….




What stops you from finding that road, that path or that truth; that of reaching Him? Is it because you doubt He will give YOU what YOU seek? Do you feel unworthy of receiving from Him? So do you try with much too much effort to get through those shut doors with force and with all your might! And upon receiving no response from all the rapping and banging on those shut doors, do you feel worthless or rejected? Perhaps hopeless and maybe even like a failure?




Soothe your heart with the words of Al-Quran; ” To Him belongs the keys of the heavens and the earth; He gives abundantly to whoever He wills and gives sparingly to whoever He wills. He has full knowledge of all things “…… Surah 42- Ah Shura- Verse 12….




To Him belongs the keys of the heavens and the earth so each door and each lock can only be opened by Allah for only He holds the master key. It cannot be opened by you and it cannot be opened when YOU want it to open. It cannot be opened how you want it to open! Have you seen how some doors open while your back is turned to them? While your face, focus, gaze and attention is fixed on another door,on a shut door, the door behind you just flung open! Yet you were too absorbed in staring at the fading and peeling paint of the closed door to even notice! Alhamdulillah….




We spend so much time staring at the closed doors of life, on the things that we asked for but didn’t receive, focusing all of our energy on trying to open those shut and stuck doors, that we become consumed with them. We become blind and oblivious to the countless doors that are open all around us. We cannot even feel their beautiful and lingering breeze as it streams through the air and wafts pass us. Why? Because we stare intently at what we think we need. We desire that OUR desires be fulfilled accordingly; according to how we need and according to what the world dictates is needed! But should you conform to the world as your fists batter and beat down doors that only Allah is able to open? And what if that door was not meant for you to travel through? How do you know that its path is not laced with prickly thorns and shattered glass? Or, should you change your approach, change your mindset as you approach your closed door more humbly, more patiently, with a gently knock of duaa; seeking Allah’s help, and a turn of heart as you whisper and ask Him for that which is good for you?





Life has been filled with countless doors. Some shut tight, some flung wide open. And for the rest of life we will come across many more doors. Some won’t even need a knock as they fling open for us easily, with warmth and with goodness. Some doors will need a few knocks and a few turns of the handle before they creak open, as daily we knock on them with our prayers, duaas and supplications. And some doors will never ever open! They will remain closed and shut and for that we have only Allah to thank for who knows what lies behind the guise of a door? Only Allah knows…..





Be assured that eventually all the right doors open for us just as they always have….




Finally the portal of realization can be unearthed as we seek, desire and move toward Allah and Allah’s pleasure only. Let your fists stop pounding and your knuckles stop bleeding as you open your eyes, your heart and your world to the countless doors that you never noticed were already open….




“Oh Allah! I do seek good from You of the present as well as the future about that which I know and about that which I do not know. Oh Allah! I ask of You all that was asked of You by Your servant and Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).”❤



2 thoughts on “Facing shut doors ~

  1. naf says:

    Such an outstanding post,
    it was so inspiring…
    Truly only Allah swt knows what’s best for us…
    May Allah swt help us to accept the things we cannot change &help us appreciate our bountiful favours bestowed upon us.IA

    Liked by 1 person

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