Within the rubble, they found something amazing…

While the recent earthquake in Nepal has left (some of) the world on their knee’s praying for the shattered lives of those affected, this picture has left me breathless, speechless and in awe!

Amongst the rubble and amongst the lifeless bodies hidden by rocks and pulverized stone, this little body has miraculously floated to the surface untouched. He did nothing much to ward off the tumbling buildings or the bursting concrete around or underneath him. He did not crawl away from the earth’s violent temper tantrum. The crevice could have, would have, perhaps some think that it should have, swallowed him whole. Yet it did not. He was unable to fight his way to the top. It was out of his control and he had or rather he has no power over his life at all, yet there he is, alive, kicking even, and it is as if he’s been untouched by the effects that have seen many others lose their lives.

This little being has been spared although many others were not… Truly amazing and wondrous isn’t it! But why is that? How amazing it is to think and to ponder over this fact! Why has Allah chosen this little child to be awarded another sunrise? Another day? Why has Allah blessed him with a childhood ahead? With an opportunity for laughter to escape his lips and for tears to fall from his little eyes. Perhaps he now faces life alone, with no home, no parents or siblings. So who would care for him now? To whom will he be handed to? What reason could there be for an extension in such an existence? Is it cruel or is it in fact kind?

Do you think that you need a being other than Allah to survive a life on this earth? Do you see that your only helper and protector is Allah? Allah is man’s only guard, helper and comforter!

Do you see this?

When will you see this?



Does the thought of the young life in the picture facing an existence without a home lurch your entire being into sadness?



Do you touch the screen with your fingertips wishing and hoping that you could help him flee what lies ahead and what is to come?



But Allah has decreed his (and your) life already! His and your own existence ( our existence) has been penned and know that the ink has now dried.



There is an amazing reason for his survival. One that we in our limited knowledge could not (yet) understand. Who will he become? What will become of him? Will he grow up to spread this deen to different parts of the world? Is this the reason that he has been spared of being marked off as another statistic, another life lost to the earthquake in Nepal? Would he perhaps be able to change the world somehow, some way? Would his hands, his heart and even his mind bring aid and relief to mankind or to the ummat?




Allah works in beautiful and mysterious ways and things are never just as they seem. Think of your own life. How much have you played in orchestrating your every move and achievement? Do you think that all thanks are owed to you for each milestone that you’ve reached, for each accomplishment that you have attained? Or have you played no part in it at all, except the part of asking from the Mighty Allah in duaa?

Trail back to the story of Musa AS. He was sent to float down the rive Nile, with no aid, with no help. Yet it was Allah that was his aid and his helper. The same Allah that helped Musa, the same Allah that helped the mother of Isaa AS, the same Allah that helped Yusuf AS, the same Allah that helped Nabi SAW, that same Allah is our helper…. SubhanAllah…




Surely Allah’s wisdom leaves one reeling in wonder and in awe. If you knew just how Allah handled your affairs your heart would break out of love for him. He is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. He chooses to bless you each new day with life, with good health, with family, with happiness, with knowledge, with your mere existence. Perhaps His blessings are so many that we have become oblivious to them? Perhaps seeing a helpless child lifted in the air until he cries seems like a miracle to you yet if you really paid attention, you would see that miracles are happening everyday, just open your eyes and look around you…. look in the mirror my dear, you’re a miracle too….



I don’t know what would become of the pictured child. I don’t know him or his family. I doubt that I’ll ever meet him. It is most uncommon that I will be scripted into the story of his amazing life ahead. He’ll never know just what his existence ignited within my heart and my mind tonight! I could run away with thoughts of “what if’s” and “how’s”. My tongue rambles and rants in silent duaas to Allah for him. I ask that his existence be a blessed one. I ask that his hands and feet be used in the service of deen, insha Allah Aameen.



Truly it is most remarkable to me.




The entire world could tumble down and crash at your feet and still you could walk through the storm, untouched by its effects. Your existence means something, to someone, perhaps a someone whom you have not yet met. Tumble through these words and then allow your mind to marinade in the thoughts of how wonderful life is, how wonderful Allah is…. SubhanAllah….



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