I wonder why do flowers die… And I wonder what Allah thinks of me…🌹

I wish flowers lived forever….
I wish people did too….
I wish their color would never fade….
And I wish no one would ever age…..


I wish time would just stand still….
And that I could live by free will…..
I wish tears didn’t exist….
And that we wouldn’t be turned into dust….


I wish I knew what Allah thought of me or what He mentions to His Angels about me….


Do you ever think of that?


Do you wish you knew too or is it just me in fact?


I wish I could be better…..
And I wish that I wouldn’t put so much aside for later….
But does it really matter?
Does it! and to who does it matter?
To Allah! Only to Him!
I wish to be better for Him!
I wish I could exert, exhaust and do more for Him!
But my feet halt as my mind is sometimes fettered ….


I wish I could pen all of my words as they float through the ocean of my heart….
But some are too painful, too destructive,too naked to write down, slicing through me as invisible swords….


But with every day and each new dawn, a color burst of flower’s explodes in my heart and its scent inspires my sleepy mind…..


Those are thoughts of Allah….
Hope in Allah….
Reliance on Allah….


All I can think of is You Allah…. With each breath, each beat and each blink….


And so I accept that like a flower, I too will wilt, age,whiter and die…..


I will be turned into dust and this is definitely a must….


Time can never stand still and we’ll never get to touch the same flow of water twice…..


Free will is nothing compared to Allah’s beautiful will…..



And if tears didn’t exist I guess we wouldn’t exist for we are made up of tears, of smiles, of joy and of pain…..



So after I’ve penned all of my words….
After the invisible swords slice through me for the last….
I’ll be free from these shackles, these fetters that inhibit me….



I’ll close my eyes….
Take a last breath….
A last blink….
A final palpitating beat, explosion and thud….


And then I’ll blossom and bloom just like these beautiful flowers….



And I’ll finally get to see….
What Allah really thinks of me….












4 thoughts on “I wonder why do flowers die… And I wonder what Allah thinks of me…🌹

  1. Hannah says:

    Alhamdulillah… Ma sha ALLAH… Once again u hav ths awesome way wit wordz… Magical poetry… SubhanALLAH… I ask myself ths question all t time, & many of us do… I pray tht ALLAH thinks all good things about us sinful & weak servants… & tht there is something tht we all did in ths life tht is most pleasing to HIM tht HE may grnt us our ‘Happily Ever After’ in Jannatul Firdowz… Aameen yaa Rabbal aa’lameen

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Indian Revert Muslimah says:

    As salamu alai Kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Phew.. even the title gave me goosebumps! Alhamdulillah yet again another beautiful beautiful blog post 🙂 Simply loved this one. You are right.. even I wonder at times what Allah thinks about me!! I hope it is good enough to allow me into jannatul firdous with you ❤

    This one was so so so nice. One of the nicest that I have read from you. Write again soon soon soon


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