Get your copy…


It is with much gratitude, excitement, elation and at moments disbelief (is this really happening!), that I wish to inform you of this great ni’mat, bounty and opportunity that our most merciful Allah has awarded me. Please get a copy of the magazine pictured and follow a new series by me titled: ” My not so happy married life”. It serves as an eye opener for all of us to draw towards Allah first and always, insha Allah… May Allah make us of those who never fail to remember Him❤ . Aameen… Nothing that happens to us or for us is ever because of US! Rather it is a test, a blessing from Allah, so I could never feel proud but rather i feel honored, Alhamdulillah ❤ over and over again Alhamdulillah ❤❤❤ …

Jazakalllah khair…

Happy reading😊




6 thoughts on “Get your copy…

  1. zuby93 says:

    Aslmz I just received my copy of the Muslim women & I must say ur article was too good Masha Allah😊 I can’t wait till the next issue of the Muslim women to find out what happen next☺️

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  2. Farnaaz Adam Haffejee says:

    Gonna get my copy tomorrow morning dol; looking forward to the read. 

    MUBARUK my sister. Couldn’t be happier for you.  

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