Diaries of a Niqaabi

My sentiments exactly..


2 thoughts on “Diaries of a Niqaabi

  1. mumtazsm says:

    When people complain about nikaab it amazes me that we see it ok to allow bikinis on a beach as normal so that little is left to wonder, and we scream women rights at everything but when a women chooses to cover we forget it is her right in choice and yes women rights should protect her because she chose to be different. Society’s view of normal is scary.


  2. hoor_ain says:

    You should preach that statement to some of the people that I know, to those who can’t tolerate me because I’ve chosen to hand this part of my life to Allah. The mere fact that I cover for Allah’s pleasure keeps me smiling while the world rolls their eyes at us ‘niqabis’!’jzk khair for your kind sentiments, may Allah bless you ❤


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