~T I M E~ tenderly it floats …

~Surah al asr~

*By time,

*Indeed, mankind is in loss,

*Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

One of the most beautiful gifts handed to man from his Creator is time…. Yet man who in his nature is oblivious to most of Allah’s blessings upon him, cannot see time as such. To him time is sometimes a burden which takes too long to pass and at other times it is the cause of his anxiety as it rushes by leaving him in a whirlwind spin. SubhanAllah. If only we knew, that each second is a blessing, each minute is a gift, each day is a blank canvas and each day is another chance…

Time comes to heal, to teach, to bless and to help us. To heal us from the cuts and bruises of battles fought yesterday. To teach us the art of forgiving and of seeking His never ending forgiveness. To bless us with opportunities to seek His obedience and to help us attain a life worth living in the Aakhira….

If you had ‘more’ time what would you do with it?

Would you spend more hours in devotion and prayer or would you find more excuses to put of for tomorrow what could be done today?

So is not Allah the most wise? Giving us just the right amount of sunrises and sunsets?

And when you see that magnificent sun as it rises out of the morning sky are you aware of its enormous blessing and do you therefore utter a thank you and a plea? A plea to be used to your full potential today….

If the sunset tonight were to wave a lifelong goodbye, never to return tomorrow how would you know? How could you know? Who promised you tomorrow and why have you set aside your goals for then?….

Is not the present just that, a ‘present’, a gift from the Lord of the worlds?….

Be not distracted by the false glitter of worldly delights as they pass you by for they float away just as the days do and never do they stay long enough for you to grasp them with your hands….

I guess time is most valued by the one who has nothing else with him but time…. The lonely prisoner who looks through the small window in his cold, bare cell as he see’s sunrises and sunsets without feeling them dance on his skin, without knowing how much time he has left… to live, to eat, to pray, to ask, to imagine or to wait for his shackles to be removed and for his freedom to reach him…. Or the widowed woman grieving her loss as she sits alone asking from Allah, for help, for healing, for understanding through her grieving as she waits for her term (iddat) to complete…..

To them time is a true gift, the gift of reflection. Yet for us time is resource running from an open tap as we waste it.

When she (my mother) breathed her last breath, I turned to look at the clock, an involuntarily action on my behalf, and it was none but Allah who inspired me to do so… I remember it as if it were just last night… The hour was nine, the minutes were just a little more than thirty five and the second, alas! I never paid attention to the seconds just as I and we fail to do so daily…..

I remember thinking, if only I knew, if only she knew, at 21:15 that she had just a little more than fifteen minutes to breathe, what would she say? What would she do?


So I ask you…. If you had just a little more than fifteen minutes to spare, until your Angel arrives to transport you personally to the realm of souls, what would you do?

I would have so much to do! I would have so much to say! I would have so much to ask of Him (Allah)… Yet my tongue may be too thick to speak as my thoughts are drowned by the throngs of death!

Hope…. There is always hope….. For the seconds they are still ticking and the sun, the sun is still rising and setting. Gifting us with moments, with seconds and with minutes to change, to seek forgiveness and to be grateful of course.

May the rest of the time you have left to spare be filled with barakah (blessings), with (true) understanding and with goodness from the Giver of time as He blesses your every second, every minute and every day….

Insha Allah…. Aameen



4 thoughts on “~T I M E~ tenderly it floats …

  1. mumtazsm says:

    Ameen. We always remember the day we loose our mothers as if it were yesterday. No matter how much time passes by we remember the moment the feeling that to Allah we belong to him is our return. From that moment we don’t realize how much we always think of that time. May Allah grant all those who passed on jannah. Ameen

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