Where are the worshipers of the Lord of the Worlds tonight???

The night sky was dark and burdensome with worry. Each twinkling star looked as if it frowned with worry. They looked down on everyone as if they looked with fear, with hope. “Where are the worshipers of the Lord of the worlds tonight? ”

The sky was electric and it was truly a sight to marvel at. More spectacular than fireworks its sight brought an enigma to the heart, to the mind. What see’s this sky tonight?

Somewhere there hides a secret sinner taking shade in the shadows of the night, hiding from every sight, even from light yet she’s in plain view for the sky tonight, in plain and crystal clear view for the Creator of the sky, the Creator of the night….

The earth convulses, it trembles with the burden of sins committed on its back. The sky wails, its cries, it calls out; ” Oh sinner…. Are you not shy! To sin upon this dwelling that our Lord has given you, do you not see, not hear! Can you then not understand!” But her ears are deaf… Her bodily sense is blocked and she hears nothing but the guise of enjoyment while the plains of the earth call her to deployment….

A shadow of hope rests upon her prayer mat that same night, calling out to her Lord. She looks at the sky’s twinkling eyes, at its streaming tears and at its electric force as it ensues in a battle of lightning swords on display tonight. A shudder rushes through her and she whispers a plea to the owner of the sky, the owner of the night. To keep safe her eemaan, her home and her loved one’s tonight and every other night…. She invokes her Lord, whisper after whisper, tear after tear and shudder after another shudder. Relentlessly, incessantly she calls, she pleads, she prays for the safety of her loved one’s tonight….

The sky cracks a loud cry, a wail, a moan, as thunder beckons all to be silent! To listen! To heed its unreadable and boisterous warning…. “ Do you not see me…. Do you not hear me call….. Do you not see that your Lord sees all!?”

Some sinners will find themselves in the hollow pit of regret after tonight but for one sinner, for some sinners, a plea was answered and her soul will help her fight for the cause of every servants plight…..

She looks up at the display of celestial light shining through glimmers of black and white. A shudder courses through her as she escapes to take cover from the fear that it ignites…

A soul was saved. A sinner was spared from been engulfed from the wolves of desires tonight. And as the storm passes, pleased, she convulses and heaves with tears, with fear, with hopeless regret and helpless debt.

A sinner washes her tears with ablution. She rinses her soul with repentance as she graciously thanks her Lord for respite tonight…. Her calling to shame has her reeling with the effects of what could have came. A sigh of gratitude engulfs and embraces her.

The sky has calmed down for tonight. Some sinners sleep while some others weep to their Lord, for themselves, for the ummah, for each other and for everything to be alright….

What are you doing right this minute? Look out…. Look up at the sky…. Can you see its sorrow, its worry? Take the name of your Lord for you never know which sinner you might save tonight…..



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